AC [ Air Conditioner ] Buying Guide

The minimum necessity For tropical nations like India, the summer season brings in mixed feelings for the people. On one side, you get to enjoy the best delicacies of mangoes and ice-cream, whereas, on the other, you have to face the wrath of heat and humidity. And the worst thing is that the summers get … Read more

Best Samsung AC in India 2021

In today’s blog, we would be discussing the best Samsung AC models for the Indian market. With Samsung, you would be unlocking a box of benefits and gaining returns to every penny invested. Samsung is leading Air conditioner manufacturer, with price range from Rs 20000 to Rs 50000. If you are looking for cheap & … Read more

Best 5 Star AC [ Air Conditioners] in India to Buy Online 2021 March

Are you looking for 5 Star rated Air Conditioner to save maximum on power consumption ? Apart from the low energy consumption, 5 Star AC’s performance are better than others in terms of performance, looking and durability. All the leading Air Conditioner manufacturers like Daikin, Samsung , LG, Voltas etc are manufacturing 5 star AC’s … Read more

How Much Power 1,1.5 & 2 Ton AC Consumes ?

How much power ac consumes

Owing to the increasing temperatures in the wake of global warming and other climate changes issues, summers are getting more unbearable. Often, the households look out for the best resorts to protect themselves and keep up the internal environment ambient. What’s the best choice existing than an air conditioner, popularly called as AC? When it … Read more